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Posted on June 15, 2016 in Personal Development


Dear Precious Being,

I live in a state of uncertainty. When I think I’ve solved some problem or come to a resolution about a philosophical question, like- what is my purpose on this earth? -Why am I here in this particular place- at this particular age- in this particular time in history? After much soul searching and agonising and finding the inner courage to accept the answers I find, why is it that it all seems uncertain and confusing again and I continue to question.

To day I am deciding to do something about the questions andperhaps the answers will unfold. I am going to share with you my limited views, and some of what is happening in my life in the hope that it will provoke you into examining more deeply the meaning of your life.

The focus of my sharing is “good news”. I watched films like Three Wishes, The Little Princess and other feel good dramas during the Christmas season. I wondered what it is about these films that bring tears to the eyes of grown men, that grandparent and grandchild can sit together and cheer on the vulnerable part within all of us to succeed. What is it that touches our hearts and connects with a part of us that yearns for touch, for affirmation, and encouragement? A part of us that applauds the person with integrity, who will not be bought or bullied, who believes in the power of good.

Perhaps it is an innate tribal connection, or a spiritual motivation to evolve, I certainly do not have the answer.

I am writing in the hope that I can in some small way spread this kind of magic, share good tidings of people showing love for others.

Watching Westlife on TV singing the Abba song “I have a dream”, I wondered what are the dreams of people at the beginning of this time. What are people’s priorities?. There are those who say that putting it out there helps make it a reality.

Last night three of us spent time reflecting on our lives. We choose to let go of anything that no longer served our higher purpose, then we meditated on the nothingness, before tying ribbons to a tree, prayer ties we called them, symbolising our wishes, our intentions. We asked of ourselves to trust the process of surrendering to the unknown. I wonder what opportunities for growth will come my way? There is an excitement and sense of anticipation as I wait in this in-between time.

I want to make a tiny difference. This week I will phone my close friends and thank them for being my friends or perhaps send them snail mail and put dried rose petals or outlines of tiny angels in the envelopes to surprise their inner child, bring a smile to their faces and a moment of joy to their hearts.

I wonder what surprises you and I will receive this week?

Blessings to you all,

Saille Fearn.